Monday, April 16, 2012

Lemon Loaf Cake

For this month I chose to only make one of the Tuesdays with Dorie assigned recipes. I knew that would sometimes happen. Sometimes I become a bit torn. I love to bake. I love the way it makes my house smell. There is nothing better than biting into some type of homemade sweet something or other that comes out of the oven. Baking is meditative and comforting. Baking also is something special to do with my children. I love our baking projects-how excited and proud my two little girls get as they wait for their creation to bake in the oven. The girls completely made these lemon cakes; I just directed and taught them what to do. I say cakes because they made two, well Amara made one cake and Maya made the other. One of the cakes was made to give away at the cake walk their school had at the Spring Carnival this weekend. I was proud because it looked like it was the only simple, homemade cake there (at least that is what I thought...I may be wrong).

I cannot describe the way the lemon loaf cake tastes because I was unable to try it. Four days ago I started a three week cleanse. On the cleanse there is no gluten, sugar of any kind, corn, tomato, nothing white, from a box, no soy products--essentially I am only eating vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, vegetables and fruit with a spattering of fish and olive oil for good measure. The cleanse is for food allergies and my immune system. Two weeks ago my psoriasis got really bad. Well first came a bladder infection, which I have never had before. After the infection I got the flu, and then my psoriasis spread and my scalp itched like crazy. My acupuncturist (whom I love and go to for most ailments) suggested a cleanse, I am. What crazy person goes on a cleanse and then bakes two!

It was tempting to take a bite of these cakes though, I must say. I love lemon and when they baked the house smelled lemony, almost clean, yet homey too. The cake is very pound cake like and was super easy to make for two 4 year old girls. My husband said they were the perfect consistency and tasted just like a lemon pound cake should taste--meaning nothing was over-mixed. They are plain and simple, but sometimes plain and simple are best---kinda like the way I am eating right now. I am eating as simply and healthfully as I can to help heal myself within and externally. Did I just compare my cleanse to pound-cake??? So be it.

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Anne Brassell a.k.a. Chef Nana said...

I'm very impressed that with twins, working on your LPC, and doing a forced cleanse diet that you could still turn out your pretty lemon loaves and not taste them. I bet your husband didn't mind being your taster one bit. Give yourself a pat on the back and hope you feel better soon.